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Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat

Heating Only


Finally, a cost effective, energy saving programmable thermostat for baseboard, cable and ceiling heat. This thermostat features separate programs for weekdays and weekends with 4 settings per day. You can have the thermostat provide the temperature you want when you wake up and turn the heat down during the day when you leave the house, saving energy! The thermostat can also automatically bring the heat back up in the evening and offer yet another setting to keep you warm through the night as you sleep. Your custom settings start over each morning for energy savings day in and day out.

Also, our patented Speed Dial® makes this thermostat easier than ever to program.

Additional Information

>> Instruction Manual

>> Spec Sheet



  • Lux Speed Dial® For Easy Programming
  • Electronic Accuracy
  • Clean Attractive Design
  • Easy to Install and use
  • Temporary Temperature Override
  • 4 Program Periods Per Day
  • Separate programs for weekdays and weekends
  • Vacation Hold
  • Contains No Mercury
  • Front Battery Access
  • Powered by two "AA" batteries (Included)
  • 4.8"W x 5.0" H Wallplate (Wallplate Not Included)

[ Additional Warnings ]


Risk of Fire if not installed properly.  For applications such as baseboard electric heat (resistive), the maximum load is 15 Amps, from a 20 Amp circuit breaker.  For heat applications such as a hot water circulator pumps (inductive), the maximum load is ¼ HP @ 120 Volts, and ½ HP @ 240 Volts. This thermostat is not compatible with heating appliances which contain both an electric heating element (resistive) and a blower fan (inductive load) within the same device. This product should be installed by a licensed electrician.

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