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Up to 2 Stage Heat / 1 Stage Cool
Conventional or Heat Pump
System Power Only

Touchscreen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

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  • Large, dot-matrix TRUE TOUCH-SCREEN with adjustable contrast.
  • 7-Day PROGRAMMABLE with 4 events per day and a COPY option for each day.
  • Patented ENERGY WATCH, monitors the KWH consumption and dollar cost of operating the HVAC system.
  • Filter Monitor feature indicates when to change air filter.
  • INSTALLER MESSAGE provides handy reminder for service or contact in case of a heating or cooling emergency.
  • Security feature prevents operating thermostat without entering 4-digit PIN.
  • AUTOMATIC CHANGEOVER mode - no need to manually switch between heating or cooling.
  • Displays Outdoor Temperature. **
  • Dual Fuel capable - swith-over to fossil fuel heating and increase energy efficiency and savings. **

[ Additional Warnings ]

WTR064 (Optional)


Outdoor Wireless Temperature Sensor Kit


Accurately Displays Current Outdoor Temperature and Enables Dual Fuel Capability on the LUXPRO® PSPU721T Thermostats

** (When used with the optional wireless temperature and receiver kit, Model. WTR064)

Additional Information

>> Instruction Manual


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